Cranial Therapy for Concussions

Concussions are very prevalent in the news today. We are hearing about them related to the NFL, college sports, and all the way down to little league. The research has shown that optimal healing from a concussion is likely with time but healing from repetitive concussion injuries are more challenging. The most recommended way to optimize healing from a concussion is to rest. We all define rest differently on a personal level. In this case, it has a literal meaning—no activity. This includes no time in front of the television or on our cell phone and computer. This rest time allows the brain tissue to heal from the bruising that was incurred from the injury. Unfortunately, rest is often the only recommended treatment. One way to optimize healing from a head injury is with Manual Therapy and Cranial Therapy. To learn more about this type of therapy for concussions, you can click on this link: Cranial Therapy, A Manual Therapy Approach