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Client Testimonials


“While I am singing your praises, I would like to mention that your clinical staff, in particular Diane and Kris G have been so helpful to our family, including little son. We are forever grateful.”
AH, patient & mother of patient


Poem written for our Team of Therapists at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy by CW:
healers, people I have known,
so much knowledge they have shown
from the cells right down to bone
when all that I could do was groan

healing people helped me so
healing me from head to toe
subtle body healing pro
afterwards I feel aglow

healing people help me see
every little part of me
helping me to be pain free
bring me to reality


“My doctor was concerned about my cholesterol levels and recommended I go on medication. I asked him to give me 30 days to see if I could change it. After visiting Integrative Wellness and getting some manual therapy as well as advice on healthy eating, my levels fell well into normal and my doctor was happy.”
MC, patient


“A life saver! Changed the standards of care and outcomes for my auto immune diagnosis I got in 1992. Pelvic pain and early menopause eliminated. Joint pain hands and feet, let’s just say I am wearing high heels without pain or medication. No rheumatoid symptoms. Running, cycling.. No restrictions. No steroids. Can’t thank them enough!”
Jennifer Spitz


“After 13 years with facial paralysis, my face and eye pain are gone and I do not have to use drops in my eye.”
KS, patient


“I feel like I have been helped a lot as far as how the whole side of my face feels, moves and looks.”
CH, patient


“IMT improved synkinesis when nothing else worked.”
JS, occupational therapist


Seizure Activity
“Prior to treatment this past week at IMT, I would not have been able to do much with my daughters (due to fatigue) while on a mini-vacation.  However, I was able to walk all around Mystic Aquarium, and even the next day at the Mystic Seaport area. We had a wonderful time and, most importantly, I was able to do it with them! Thank you for helping me to get more and more of my life back since the seizure.”


Leg Pain
“It’s the first night in over 3 years that I haven’t had any hip or thigh pain running down my left leg while trying to sleep. It’s a miracle. It’s been over a year since I started IMT and you know I’ve had thoughts of “will this ever work for me”. So many times I’ve witnessed patients leaving your office so thankful for what you’ve done for them during their appointment: they feel so much better; the pain is gone; they can move more easily, etc., and I’ve wondered if I’d ever be able to experience the relief I hear them express in their voices. Well, Today is that day. I just can’t believe it. I am over the moon with glee!”


Abdominal Pain
“I was at IMT yesterday for the first time. I wanted to tell you tell you that my abdominal area feels so much better. I am amazed!  I am much more comfortable in that area than I have felt in a long time.  I can’t wait to have more therapy to help me feel better! Thanks so much.”


Reduction in Pain and Increased Function (Gratitude for Carol Gordon)
“My mother could not be happier or more excited about the reduction in pain and increase in function she is seeing as a result of your work with her.  As she has undoubtedly told you, she has had a lifetime of reduced functionality.  It took my breath away to hear her describe the relief she is experiencing and the associated hope that has been lacking for so many years. My sense is that in addition to being skilled with your hands you also have a strong ability to validate a patient’s experience and work with them as a total person not just as bones, muscles and connective tissue.  I am grateful that in the chaos of today’s healthcare delivery system there are still skilled, empathic clinicians like you. Thank you and God Bless!”


Man with Sciatica
“I am writing to inform you of how happy and delighted I am with the results of my healing as a result of the Integrative Manual Therapy treatments I have had during the past year. I started treatments for sciatica pain that started in my back and ran to the back of my knee.  Little did I know of all the other things going on with me.  Each treatment session sent me home feeling better and a little more aware of what my body was telling me.  As the “clutter” began to get cleared away, Tammy and Becky did a wonderful job of cleaning up the rest of my pain. They have a very unique gift of probing the physical and mental aspect of healing.  I always looked forward to my sessions and never left disappointed with the results. The last three months I have been virtually pain free and I have not felt this good in 5 or 6 years. Thank you for your program of healing.”


Loving Care
“My family and I greatly appreciate the loving care you all have bestowed on my mother. Thank you all for the part you have each played in facilitating her amazing progress. Your support for her has meant the world to our entire family. Thank you for showering her with the healing power of love and positive energy. With gratitude.”


Life Saver
“It is hard for me to describe how well I am feeling. I receive treatment about every 8 weeks for tune ups; however, even then I go only to be on the safe side. So thank you, thank you, and thank you. I truly believe that you saved my life and I am forever grateful and I want the world to know how great you are. That is no BS; I can’t say it any other way. Thank you.”


Life Saved
“One year ago you saved my life. The last twelve months have been a wonderful time of accelerated learning and growth; a time of constant re-evaluation of what is truly important in my life; a time of great joy of being able to work and do “ordinary” things that we usually take for granted; a precious time to be with my family and friends. None of this would be possible without your timely and kind support offered when I needed it the most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making all this possible!”
D.M. and Family


Increased Energy and Ability to Focus
“In addition to increased energy, a big change since the Intensive has been in my focusing ability.  That has changed from zero to a comfort range of about 30 minutes of reading or watching a video, listening to a tape, etc. I will bring my head, and the rest of me, to your inspired hands and heart for the next Intensive.”


Improved Stamina
“I just want to tell you how incredibly well I am doing. I am fully active. I need to build more stamina so that I can keep going even when sleep is short, but right now if I get 8 hours of sleep at night I don’t even need a nap. It is very important to me that you understand how deep my love and reverence is for IMT! With love and boundless thanks.”


Improved Health
“I am so thankful for what you have done for me.  You really nailed the problem and my health continues to improve everyday.  Thank you so much! This is really good advertisement for you, as many friends, acquaintances and patients ALL want to have what I now do — improved health! Many have seen me during the bad times, and they see the difference. They want this too.”


Improved Lung Function
“I arrived home after receiving IMT treatment with energy to spare.  I feel remarkably stronger!  It is such a relief to have good lung function again. Both my head and left leg feel better than I can remember them feeling in a long while. It is only through your efforts and guidance that things have turned around so quickly.”


Green Tea
“I have a great story about the green tea: My younger sister lives in Florida.  About 2 years ago her allergies really acted up badly. Florida has an excessive amount of pollen.  None of the doctors were able to help her –other than putting her on Allegra which, because of her prolapsed mitral valve condition, caused really bad heart palpitations.  She also began to have some serious issues with reflux esophagitis.  She could not eat raw foods and basically was reduced to eating soft foods (oatmeal, applesauce, etc) and having small meals periodically through the day.  She was put on Propulsed- which helped the reflux condition only slightly. I started her on 4-6 cups of green tea about 1 year ago.  First she found her reflux problem was alleviated after a couple of months.  She stopped the Propulsed and she was fine.  She started introducing more types of foods and she was fine.  She stuck with the green tea – 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the evening with equal amounts of water during the day at work.  The reflux condition went away within 9 months or so after starting the green tea.  Her allergies improved to the point where she stopped the Allegra. This year she had the “best season” yet with respect to allergies.  She has had no headaches, stuffiness, sneezing etc. “This green tea, it’s great stuff”, she says.  I think she has found that she is also “calmer” with respect to life’s unexpected happenings.”


Gratitude for Significant Improvement in Health
“What I especially want to tell you are two comments made by my sisters.  S said the difference between how I am now and how I was 14 months ago when I first went to CT is nothing short of night and day.  Then B said a couple days later that she could give you an everlasting hug for the very deep changes you have wrought in me.  I have also gotten other rave reviews. And I’ll tell you this from me: the more I probe my “insides” to try to understand what can happen in consciousness to bring sickness or health, the more I am astounded at the depth of your understanding of the layers of the human being.  You are a great soul, Sharon.  It takes greatness to see the worth of every individual, and I believe that is at the heart of your work.”




Children with Autism
“I’ve been waiting to update you on C.H. He is doing so well!!! Short term memory has improved tremendously. That was one of his biggest problem areas. He is retaining information like never before. He can remember up to three directions at a time. Sometimes they’re a little jumbled, but before he couldn’t remember even the first direction.”


“He decided on his own he wanted to go off gluten. He is doing great! We have tried to take him off many times and it was always a bit of a battle and we where never very successful. This time he is reading the labels himself, self monitoring what he eats. We have noticed huge changes, mostly with behavior and attitude. He has noticed less pain in his body and no more tummy aches and migraines after eating. His thinking is much more clear and different.”
Mother / Physical Therapist


“He has calmed down A Lot! He is no longer that ‘superball’ bouncing off the walls that I once described to you. The vitamins are working well, too.”


“We had parent-teacher conferences for G this past Monday. It was the best and most encouraging report so far. Even in speech. The words that he does have are now pronounced clearer.”


14 Year Old Boy with Friederich’s Ataxia
“Thank you so much for seeing H. He looks better than he ever has and now that the supplements are starting to work, he is putting on weight and is much steadier on his feet and more up right. I took H to the cardiologist for his routine heart appointment, and his heart has not changed since he was diagnosed 3 years ago.  The cardiologists were asking all about IMT because I think they are so surprised that nothing has changed and he is so well. I just hope that I can keep bringing H over to you because it has given me the first glimmer of hope for the future. Thank you.”


3 Year Old Boy with Developmental Delay and Initial Inability to Walk
“We worked hard at it and got through all the hands-on homework fairly quickly and about a week after it was finished we started to see some really good progress in S’s ability to balance by himself.  He is starting to show off that he can walk a couple of meters and carry things to you, turn around and walk back.  Remarkable progress from where we had been. I would say that his balance is vastly improved. The Chinese practitioners we see are so impressed with the work you and your team did and his OT is delighted with his progress.  He sees her once a week and keeps asking her “what’s next” so that is great.”
T.B. (Mother), Hong Kong


Boy Calmer After Treatment
“Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the good care that you gave G during his last appointment. Since you treated him, he has been one thousand percent CALMER!
Ayelet, you have magical fingers!  You have the MIDAS TOUCH! Yesterday’s session was PHENOMENOL!  If G co-operates in the same way that he did yesterday, then we will be able to get a lot done on him! Again, thank you for everything.”


Boy with Autistic Behaviors (Year 1)
“C has improved remarkably in all areas.  So much so the teachers are wondering what we did to him.  He went from barely getting homework turned in and being stressed to the max, to A’s and B’s in all subjects. This is making him feel very good and really feeding his self esteem and ego. Comprehension and retention definitely improved.  He started being able to advocate for himself at school with teachers and peers for the first time in his life, to the shock of everyone, and teachers and staff have been great so far responding to him in supportive and rewarding ways. None of this would be possible without IMT. Thanks to everyone at the Center.”


Boy with Autistic Behaviors (Year 2)
“My son, C, is doing so well! His hearing and ability to match pitch in sound has improved phenomenally. His music teacher is a bit shocked. He takes piano and voice. When we started a year ago he could not match any pitch at all and they called him tone deaf. He used to speak in a monotone voice. He has been the topic of conversation at the music conservatory because they have never seen this. The other interesting thing that started happening in music is he not only matches the pitch he is improvising with harmony. It happened almost over night. Short term memory has improved tremendously. That was one his biggest problem areas. He is retaining information like never before. He can remember up to three directions at a time.  Sometimes they get a little jumbled but before he couldn’t remember even one direction. He decided on his own he wanted to go off gluten. He is doing great! He is reading the labels himself, self monitoring what he eats. We have noticed huge changes, mostly with behavior and attitude.  He has noticed less pain in his body and no more tummy aches or migraines after eating. His thinking is much clearer. He has become incredibly more cooperative. Everyone is thankful for this! I have also noticed a big change in his gait.  His heels have really dropped down and he heel strikes now instead of walking on his toes.  Both arms are swinging with walking.  They never did before. He is developing better social skills and other interests are developing. Thank you for all your help and wonderful knowledge.”


Boy with Dislocated Toes
“R dislocated his right great toe and 2 adjacent toes and 3 metatarsals. He has been on crutches with a right foot brace with partial WB and sometimes was able to walk 20 feet with mild antalgia without them. After 2 l/2 hours of IMT treatment, the right great toe began to flex 10 degrees at MT joints 3/5 times with mild cues …prior was just a movement from 10 degrees dorsiflexion to neutral on l/5 attempts with maximal cues.  Pain levels decreased from 3/10 to 0/10 after treatment. He has been able to walk consistently without his crutches with a right brace on his foot since that time.”


Boy with Food Allergies
“J, 8 years old, began coming after suffering from food allergies for years. He hadn’t eaten wheat in over 4 years. He was also extremely sensitive and often suffered “anxious moments” in his life. The crew worked on J’s allergy systems, his digestive tract, and his anxiety systems.  We are thrilled to report that J now eats everything with no side effects.  His whole demeanor has lightened up. He gets up out of bed ready to greet the challenges of the day and is more centered emotionally. Every time I try to explain exactly what was done to make Jack this way I find myself saying “They just put their hands where he had tension and voila, Jack was cured.” Needless to say, I know you are not performing “magic”, but you are performing miracles in terms of improved health. We can’t thank you enough.”


Boy with Improved Language
“My son continues to make good progress. In fact, his spontaneous speech has improved so much that others are commenting on it. I love it when he tells his brother “Don’t get me mad” and asks his father “Are you joking me?” When I am asked what the sudden increase in language is due to, all I can say is all the IMT treatment. I am very grateful to all of the therapists.”


Boy with Improved Speech
“We had parent-teacher conferences for G this past Monday.  It was the best and most encouraging report so far, even in terms of speech.  The words that he does have are now pronounced more clearly.”


Boy with Seizure Activity
“I just wanted to share our good news. K had an EEG last Friday and we just got the results today. It was totally normal—there was no seizure activity at all. That means we can remove the last of his three anti-epileptic drugs. As of next week, he will have been seizure-free for six months. He is going to daycare part-time and seems to be settling in. He goes swimming once a week and he loves that. He also started saying Momma or Mumum quite regularly. He’s OBSESSED with cars and trucks right now.”


Child with Eye Improvement
“The biggest news is that since treatment at the clinic, T’s degree of eye turn has gone from an 85 degree turn to a 50 degree turn – solely from IMT. As soon as she gets her new prescription, which should be next week, she will start vision therapy. I’m very, very happy with her progress so far and look forward to the months ahead. Thanks again everyone for your time and caring. I can’t thank you all enough!!”


Girl with Autoimmune Liver Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
“My daughter is doing pretty well with the gluten-free regime.  Not so well with the sugar-free but we take what we can get, right?  Her labs have been greatly improved and her energy, although far from normal, is improved.  She really likes her therapist and respects his work with her.  We feel blessed to have discovered IMT.”


Girl with Diagnosis of PDD (letter #1)
“I am writing again to inform you of C’s progress. Since she was at the last Intensive program a number of things have changed for us. I say us, because not only have you helped our daughter but C’s progress has had a tremendous impact on our whole family. She is definitely happier since the releasing of all that anger and rage. She has verbalized it to me several times. “She’s happy!” (Referring to herself.) Her description of words seems to have increased over night. Instead of just one word she will use 2 or 3 adjectives along with the word. She had an absolute blast at her birthday party. I have to say that there were 5 children with the diagnosis of PDD or Autism at the party. C was the only child participating with all the typical children. She did everything – the Chicken Dance, the limbo stick, and the YMCA, and all appropriately. She is much more loving and caring to her brother. Instead of flinching when C comes near him he actually trusts her now. She used to just lash out at him now she hugs him. C has also taken a special liking to her doll. She goes to bed with it asks for it and so on. She seemed to have missed this particular step in child development. She never wanted anything when she was younger. I consider this a positive step forward. Today I told her that she will be going for swimming lessons in March. She bugged me for at least 2 hours. “Go swimming at the Y. Put bathing suit on.” She whined over and over. I interpret this behavior as something a typical child would do. She had never displayed this before. These are just a few of the new changes I have seen. We are looking forward to seeing you again for the Intensive program. We can’t thank you enough. There is a saying that goes: “When I count my blessing every day, I count you twice!”


Girl with Diagnosis of PDD (letter #2)
“It has been a few months since I have written about C’s changes, so here it is. We (meaning all the family members) have noticed many changes in C, especially in the past 2 months. She is now verbalizing so much more. It is incredible. I am talking about appropriate language. There is, of course, some repetitive speech and nonsensical language. However there seems to be a different way about her. The only way that I can describe it is a more connectedness about her. She is defiantly more ‘with us’. After last week’s therapy, I did notice some regressive behaviors from C. She actually had 3 sleep disturbances this past week. She was also putting many small items in her mouth. She had been sprinkling leaves in front of her eyes, which is an old behavior too. Now every time I notice regression in her behaviors, we always see progression just around the corner. (Thank God!) My husband also pointed out to me that she seems surer of herself. About 2 weeks ago she started swimming by herself. She was not able to do 2 things at the same time (For example, kick her feet and move her arms.) She has also started to ride her bike much better, pedaling and looking out at a distance. Her language is much more spontaneous. She always verbalizes to get her needs met. She is now able to describe things with descriptive words and in full sentences at times which is a huge improvement. She is also now able to argue with me! Most people complain when their children argue with them that will never be me! C will go back and forth and stand her ground, looking me in the eye and being very persistent! One area that I haven’t noticed much is in verbalizing about herself. There seems to be confusion about how to refer to herself. She rarely uses I, me, and mine. It’s always “C’s turn” or “One for C,” unless I correct her and then she will correct what she had said. I am really looking forward to the new plan you have written up for her, especially the “Who am I?” system. I know there will be positive results from everything that you do. It is very exciting for all of us. I can’t thank you enough. I have to tell you that you are he only people that have ever given me a positive feeling and of course, positive results for our child. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Infant with Colic
“We adopted our son in 2002 when he was 2 days old. Our time with him has been the most rewarding, joyful thing we have ever done and our friends constantly ask “How did you get such a happy baby?” “He’s sleeping through the night already?” “You mean he doesn’t cry for hours at a time?” I give the same answer each time-it’s the Neurofascial Processing (NFP)! [NFP is a gentle hands-on type of home exercise program that is IMT based.] When J began crying for no known reason I was told it was colic. Lucky for me as a physical therapist who has taken courses with you, I could map my son and was baffled when I could find no signs of it. My instinct told me it sounded like he was angry but could that be possible?? In desperation I mapped him and discovered still space. This indicates emotional issues are on the surface ready to come out and by using a simple technique called Neurofascial Process it changed his intensity and frequency of crying and gave me back my loving, cuddly baby. The great thing is that it is a simple process of placing your hands over designated areas for 10-20 minutes at a time and it can be done at home by the parents! My son has taught me a lot since that day.   When he feels safe and especially at night he can feel the need to let go of some emotional baggage. By processing the Neurofascial Centers to each other, I was able to help him purge some of the abandonment, anger, grief/loss and other issues that our social worker told me to expect to come a bit later. It allowed me to communicate on a deeper level with my son and let him know that I understood his feelings. By us being there for him, our loving bond was elevated to a level I did not think possible for a newborn.

“Examples in behavior shifts:
The angry crying before feedings and for no reason disappeared.
J would sometimes take 2 ounces then stop, refuse the bottle and scream- after processing arms for control this has virtually stopped and he eats 4-6 oz. consistently now.
J would frequently stop eating and cry continuously if a woman friend picked him up and especially if I left for a few hours (J left the hospital with a female social worker who was a stranger to him and never saw his birth mom again.) After processing heart for abandonment J is doing fine with me being gone 6-7 hours 3 days a week with a babysitter.

“After seeing the changes in our baby, we felt it important to reach out to mothers and fathers who were suffering with the frustration of not being able to quiet their crying child and receiving little help from books, doctors or friends. It is so important to listen to your child from the very beginning and Neurofascial Processing helps open the lines of communication!”


Premature baby with Detached Retinas (2004)
“I wanted to share the wonderful progress a child is making primarily with NFP [NFP is a gentle hands-on home exercise program that is IMT based.] combined with Reiki.  K is 20months old and 25 week preemie twin. As an infant his retinas detached and he is blind with light perception.  He has had numerous surgeries: hyperspadus, the sagittal sutures were fused and he had cranial surgery to unfuse them, and two lensectomys.  He had had a g-tube and was oxygen dependent for his first 8 months.  After the cranial surgery he need the lensectomy surgeries and then was told he would lose his right eye because it was “dying”.  After these surgeries, Kyle cried a lot, was not eating much, did not want to participate in any therapy sessions, and had a poor sleep schedule.  It was then that his mom and I developed the plan to do NFP with Reiki.  His mom is trained in Reiki and had felt it had helped before. He has had approx 5 hours of all process centers to each other and about 4 hours to his eyes.  His mom is thrilled with all the positive changes in K.  His g-tube site is now closing up; he is eating, happy and laughing.  The bad eye has lost the blood and his iris which had turned white is now turning color and is no longer shrunken looking.  His sleep schedule is becoming more regular.  He is a different child.  We have also been doing MFR [MFR is Myofascial Release which is a gentle form of Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) that can be helpful for fascial restrictions in the body.] while doing NFP and last week he allowed a therapist to do some cranial work.”


Young Boy with History of Seizure Activity on Refined Sugar Elimination Diet
“R is doing so well on this diet.  He feels so much better and therefore he does not complain about missing out on sugar.  We are doing NFP at home and concentrating on his diet.”


Young Client Inspired to Become an IMT Practitioner
“I am a senior at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, IL.  It is the fall of my senior year and I am applying to college for a degree in Physical Therapy.  It is my dream to someday become an Integrative Manual Therapist.  I am an athlete, which brought me to meet Mimi, a therapist in Glenview.  I have been seeing her once a week for five years and it is my favorite part of my week.  I would like to keep in touch to make sure I am taking the right classes and meeting your expectations so that one day I will be able to make a smooth transition to your program. Thank you very much.”


Young Girl with ADD
“I want to thank all who worked with my daughter last fall on her ADD. I came to you when I found out her problem was so bad that the private school she is attending wanted me to withdraw her because they couldn’t meet her special needs. Well, last week she was recognized for achieving high honors. And this Friday night she will be recognized at Portland Seadogs baseball game for “Most Improved Student of the Year” from her class.  Her name will be announced for everyone to hear and her name will displayed on the scoreboard. I believe this incredible growth in my daughter is in part a credit to a very dedicated teacher AND in part to the treatment she has received from you. So please join her in celebrating a year of tremendous growth that will be with her a lifetime! I would like to thank all who have been a part of her treatment for the wonderful job done! With gratitude, R.W.”






Cancer Patient Eliminates Sugar
“Looking back, I had been a mess and hadn’t even realized it. Everything I craved had sugar. I loved ice cream, cookies, soda frosted cereal, anything with sugar. I’d down a pound of jelly beans in front of the TV without a thought. I’d plan my outings to pass by the mall so I could get a Starbucks. My daughter no longer drank root beer because I’d always want to “share” it and return an empty can. I was addicted to sugar. So what’s the problem – no problem, everyone eats sugar, the average American eats over 150 pounds of the stuff every year. I read the warnings – high sugar consumption will lead to obesity, kidney stones, osteoporosis, heart disease, and dental caries. So it causes cavities, so what.

“But then my world turned upside down when the swelling in my lymph node wouldn’t go away. The biopsy was followed by CT scans, MRI, the second opinion, the third opinion, and the phone consults. Then I got the dreaded label – cancer patient. I prefer future cancer survivor, thank you very much, and I decided early on that I was not going to take this lying down. I flew around the country to get the best doctors, integrating main stream surgery and radiation with a healthy dose of Integrated Manual Therapy. I decided early on that I’d do everything to stack the deck in my favor. I took a leave from work to reduce stress and focus on healing. I exercised twice a day and took nutritional supplements including Omega 3 fish oils. I drank green tea and a gallon of water each day and I started to think more about what I ate. Big salads with spinach instead of lettuce, collards, bok choy, broccoli, chard, all things that I hadn’t even been able to pronounce a few weeks prior, became regulars on my plate.

“But it wasn’t until C and I were waiting for another test, a PET scan, that it dawned on me. “This is a glucose uptake test, we’re going to inject you with glucose, and it will collect in areas with cancer” the technician said. “Cancer thrives on glucose.” “Cancer thrives on glucose!” we said it at the same time to each other! That was day 1 of the sugar elimination diet.

“I gave up the things I loved, cold turkey. Gone are the treats, the cakes, cookies, and the candy. Gone, excised, eliminated. I lost 15 pounds almost immediately. I feel better, more active, and in charge of my life once again. It’s been about a year now. Was it hard? Not really. I have to shop more carefully, though. I read all of the food labels. It’s amazing what has sugar, often disguised as fructose, sucrose, or even the altruistic organic cane juice. The hardest part has been standing out in the crowd. I’m different. I’ll get over it. I now do much of my own shopping. I bring my own food to picnics. The cafeteria at work has added Garden Burgers to the menu for me. I have found the right kinds of restaurants and I drink soda water when we go out. These are small prices to pay for the benefits of increased energy and less craving for other foods. Food tastes better now, whole foods that is. I no longer desire processed foods. I don’t crave dairy products and I’m slowly acquiring a taste for those fresh organic vegetables.”



Injuries from Multiple Car Accidents
“In 1995 I was rear-ended while waiting for my classmates to cross the street in high school. The doctor told me I had whiplash, put me in a neck brace for awhile, gave me some pain killers, and told me about a few pulled muscles that I had. I woke up one day a few weeks later and couldn’t move. My arms were numb and I couldn’t get out of bed. Fortunately I was living with my parents and they helped me up, took me to a doctor and I began to realize how extensive the damage was from that MVA. I saw a neurosurgeon and had countless other doctors’ appointments. The big discovery was that I had a herniated disc in my cervical vertebrae.

“I tried conventional PT. They thought the only thing they could do for me was traction. The problem was I was essentially a child-sized person in an adult traction machine. My neck kept slipping out and got badly bruised. I quit PT without any relief. The neurosurgeon then suggested that I go through a myofascial pain program. That entailed trigger point injections multiple days/week for multiple consecutive weeks. I had several shots of Lidocaine all over my body under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, a neurologist, and a PT. I wasn’t able to drive afterwards, so someone always had to come with me. While this gave me incredible relief from my head, neck, & back pain, the process was time consuming and the relief was short-lived.

“While at college I began getting incredible headaches. They were paralyzing. I took some Advil type pain-killers without any relief. I kept checking back in with the neurosurgeon, but there wasn’t much that he could offer for me to do while at school.

“In 2003 I had woken up again without being able to move. This time was not as bad as the first time it happened. I went back to the neurosurgeon and then to a new facility for PT. That too gave me minor relief…but one day after leaving a PT appointment I was waiting for a light to change and got rear-ended again. I had soft tissue damage, whiplash, and some other injuries.

“In the winter of 2004 I was walking my dog. We had to walk out onto a small flat piece of concrete, down a few stairs, onto another flat piece of concrete, and down some more stairs to get to the ground. The whole area was covered in snow. Little did we know there was ice underneath the snow. We took one step, fell down both flights of stairs and landed in a heap at the bottom. I had hurt my right ankle pretty badly and didn’t realize how bad it was until I took off my boot. I went to the doctor at a clinic that was open all night and ended up having someone tell me to “Walk it off, you’ll be fine.” I waited about a week, was not fine, and went to see a doctor. He told me that I had sprained my ankle but that I had waited too long to do anything about it. He gave me an air cast, told me it wouldn’t help but to wear it anyway, and that I’d be fine in a few days.

“I run and work out regularly, logging several miles per week with each workout. In June 2005 I began coming home from work everyday with excruciating unexplained right ankle pain. I called the orthopedist’s office who gave me the air cast in 2004. He looked at my ankle and thought that the cause of my pain was rheumatological in nature. After two visits to a rheumatologist, countless blood work, a misdiagnosis of lupus, chest x-rays, a misdiagnosis of a thyroid problem, and a few other series of tests she threw her hands up and said “I don’t know what to do with you!” I was leaving her office after the second visit in August 2005 when I stopped at a red light. While I waited for the light to change I was once again rear-ended. I was diagnosed with extensive soft tissue damage and given some prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers. About a week later I didn’t feel any better, went to my PCP, and was diagnosed with several sprained muscles, limited range of motion in several body parts, was sent off for x-rays, and then given more prescription pain killers & muscle relaxers. None of the prescriptions helped. X-rays revealed the same herniated disc only now it had bone spurs. I had further ankle pain and continued to follow up with the orthopedist.

“At the end of August I began more conventional PT for my head, neck, back, & ankle. After 32 appointments between August 2005 and November 2005, I had made no progress and was discharged. While going to the conventional PT appointments, I also had three appointments with the orthopedist, two sets of x-rays/scans taken of my body, one more visit with the rheumatologist that didn’t know what was going on with me, two follow up appointments with my PCP, four visits with the neurosurgeon, two visits to another orthopedist, had a dentist visit for TMJ/jaw pain, saw a second rheumatologist, and a physiatrist. Not one of these specialists could figure out the problem-hence the countless referrals.

“At the end of October, I also had my initial evaluation with IMT. I was skeptical since I had been through so much else at this point. But my friend recommended the center and I figured it couldn’t hurt me, since nothing else helped me to date. It took me two months to get the courage to invest in a new program/facility and in mid-December 2005 I went to IMT for my first appointment.

“Before I built up the courage to go back for my first appointment, I had more follow up doctor’s appointments with the neurosurgeon, my PCP, and an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon wanted to cut open my jaw, shave the bone on both sides, break it, reset it, wire it shut, and then I’d maybe be better. Needless to say, I refused the surgery and all follow up care with him. By the first of January, I had invested 5.5 hours into IMT. Still, I had to contend with more follow up appointments with the dentist, the orthopedist, and a TMJ specialist. Still they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

“My ankle became worse & worse & I felt little to no relief in the other symptoms. Eventually the orthopedist recommended a subtalar & ankle arthroscopy. In June 2006 I had a three hour surgery to repair an interosseous ligament tear in my right ankle. I went home that day with a cast from my knee down & then I spent six weeks with four different casts & crutches. The recovery & rehab were slow for this process. The surgeon told me I should have had a one hour surgery but due to the extensive damage in my foot I had a three hour surgery. I spent the first two weeks on my couch heavily medicated. One week post-op I had no feeling in my foot, my toes were black, & I had an egg shaped swelling above the cast at the back of my knee. That bought me a trip to the ER where my cast was cut off, a series of tests were done to rule out infection & some other issues and I received more prescriptions & a temporary cast. The next morning I went to the surgeon & received a plaster cast. From there I could finally get the stitches out, get into a boot, and begin true rehab.

“I received IMT treatments with the plaster cast on my foot. The real work began when I got into a boot. My foot had little to no range of motion, it was severely bruised & discolored, my skin was severely dry, and my calf muscle had shrunken into close to non-existence. The therapists at IMT taught me different basic skills all over again in addition to the IMT treatments. I couldn’t walk, climb stairs, wear a shoe, or do other basic activities without extensive help. I spent the entire summer without being able to work or drive. By the fall, I was given clearance to work a half-day with limited duty. Finally, today I can run again like nothing ever happened. Stiffness & slightly limited range of motion are now the only hurdles left to overcome & my ankle will be perfect again.
“Thank to the therapists at IMT. Without them I would not be where I am today — at least 85% better than I’ve ever felt! I am running two miles at a time, now.”