Can a Healthy Diet Change our Genetics?

epigenetics and healthy diet


Epigenetics– it’s a funny sounding word! The idea that what we do to our body can affect our genetics–pretty cool! Actually, the science of Epigenetics is about how genes can turn themselves on and off according to outside influence, like food for example. So let’s say that diabetes runs in my family (which it actually does!)– does this mean that my children will very likely develop diabetes? Well, in fact, there is an increased likelihood that they will. But scientists have also found that if we eat a healthy diet, we can actually lessen the chance not just for developing diabetes, but also for developing all kinds of chronic illness and disease. Imagine that!

Check out the following video of one of our mentors, Jeffrey Bland, PhD. Dr. Bland is the father of Functional Medicine. On this video, you can listen to him explain Epigenetics and how a healthy diet can affect our current and future health.

Dr. Jeffrey Bland and Epigenetics