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Energizer summer!

June 20, 2017

    “I have no energy”, “I feel tired all the time” or “I fade by 3:00” …these are all common complaints I hear from clients in my practice. Lack of energy can be connected to many imbalances in the body. Sometimes we might need to consult a health professional… view entire post

Create your summertime with food!

June 13, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    Along with reading good books about health, preparing good food at home for family and friends is a great way to create healthy habits.  There are many resources for recipes and tips to make wonderful meals and snacks.  My intention is that this newsletter offers resources to you… view entire post

Healthy reading for healthy eating!

June 6, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    As summer approaches, we often see lists of the best summer reads.  Books on those lists are ones that we can dive into at the beach or on vacation.  I am often asked what are good nutrition books to read. There are many wonderful books about the power… view entire post

Get in the Blue Zone!

May 30, 2017

    I recently heard an interview with Dan Buettner, Author of Blue Zones.  As a National Geographic reports/explorer, he studied and focused on 5 areas of the world where people easily live healthy lives into their 100s. From his research, he distilled shared similarities in each culture that seem… view entire post

Bulking up for health!

May 23, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    A few weeks ago, we talked about reducing inflammation by improving our gut bugs/immune system with fiber.  Mounting research shows that adding fiber to your diet can reduce your risk of death from any cause.  This is tied to the fact that increasing fiber reduces the risk for… view entire post

Spicing up your memory +

May 16, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    Continuing our journey to look at recent research, we find that curcumin, a compound found in the spice turmeric is one of the most researched nutrients. It is connected to many positive health benefits. One study showed that by adding just 1 gram per day, you can help… view entire post

Bugs that put out fires!

May 2, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    Most of our modern diseases are rooted in inflammation.  We know that inflammation increases as we age and that it’s a strong risk factor in the elderly.  A recent study looked at the gut “bugs” (microbes) of older mice and found that imbalances in microbes contributed to increased… view entire post

Sweetness turned sour!

April 25, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    A recent study was published looking at the impact of diet soda and the risk of stroke and dementia.  Accounting for lifestyle factors such as caloric intake, smoking, and exercise as well as age and education, it appears that drinking at least one diet soda a day makes… view entire post

Springing into Green!

April 17, 2017

    In our recent series about vitamins and minerals, we saw a common theme. PLANTS are amazing sources of vitamins and minerals. This is not a new message but important to refocus on as we come into Spring. My new passion in vegetables is microgreens and sprouts. I like… view entire post

Learn your ABCs… of nutrition– More on Minerals: The importance of IODINE!

April 10, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    Our last chapter of ‘More on Minerals’ focuses on IODINE.  Surprisingly, there has not been a lot of research about all the health implications of iodine. But we know for sure that it has a big impact on thyroid function. Iodine supports the production of thyroid hormones and… view entire post

Learn your ABCs… or nutrition: More on Minerals– The benefits of ZINC!

April 3, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    Like Magnesium, ZINC is connected to over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.  Our immune system is well supported by sufficient zinc and when levels are low it can affect our ability to taste and smell. Vitamin A synergizes with Zinc to help with vision. This is another… view entire post

Learn your ABCs… of nutrition– Even more on MINERALS!!!

March 27, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    In the world of minerals, we are looking this week at POTASSIUM.  Potassium is in the family of electrolytes which means that they help conduct electrical charges in the body for things like heart rhythms.  In fact, if potassium levels go too high or too low the nervous… view entire post

Learn your ABCs… of Nutrition– More on MINERALS!!!

March 20, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    We are now taking a peek at Minerals which are often paired with vitamins in foods. They serve as helper molecules in the body and support the way we make energy, detoxify and maintain a healthy immune system.  Even though calcium gets a big nod as the star,… view entire post

Learn your ABCs…of nutrition– MINERALS!!!

March 13, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    Our focus shifts this week to the partners of vitamins- MINERALS! Calcium leads the way, most commonly thought of as a strengthener of bones and teeth.  However, it also plays an important role in muscle and nerve function. Many people consider dairy as the optimal source of calcium… view entire post

What is Detox? They Body’s Brilliant Recycling Project

March 9, 2017

what is detox

  [Written by Holly Niles, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Director at Integrative Wellness & PT] We hear a lot of about “detox” but many of us don’t really stop to think about what that means in our body.  Most often we hear about detox cleanses where people follow a… view entire post

New Year’s Resolutions & Healthy Meal Planning

March 9, 2017

meal planning

  New Year’s Resolution: Let’s get healthy AND stay healthy! New Year’s resolution time is upon us! For many us, this includes making promises to ourselves to be healthy this year—to eat healthier and make a stronger commitment to our health and our family’s health. But for most of us,… view entire post

Learn your ABCs… of nutrition– Part 5

March 6, 2017

    We are wrapping up our peek into the ABC’s of vitamins with Vitamin E. There is a new understanding of vitamin E; it’s not one vitamin but rather eight different nutrients—four called tocopherols and four called tocotrienols. The most famous of the vitamin E group is alpha-tocopherol. It… view entire post

Learn your ABC’s…. of nutrition—Part 4

February 27, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    This week our focus rests on VITAMIN D.  It is one of the most studied and debated nutrients over the last many years. We had learned the many roles it plays in the body, acting more like a hormone and the importance of ensuring you get sufficient amounts… view entire post

Learn your ABCs… of nutrition– Part 3

February 20, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    VITAMIN C is the vitamin of the week. Citrus fruits usually come to mind when we consider Vitamin C but veggies like broccoli, red peppers and Brussel sprouts are very high in vitamin C with strawberries and kiwi as other significant sources. Vitamin C is best known as… view entire post

Lean your ABC’s…of nutrition– Part 2

February 13, 2017

simply well with holly niles

    As a functional medicine nutritionist, I help patients find ways to make simple yet meaningful changes to their diet. One of those is adding more daily fruits and vegetables. Since studying biochemistry, I now have a clear understanding why eating those foods is so important. The answer lies… view entire post