Create your summertime with food!

simply well with holly niles


simply well with holly niles


Along with reading good books about health, preparing good food at home for family and friends is a great way to create healthy habits.  There are many resources for recipes and tips to make wonderful meals and snacks.  My intention is that this newsletter offers resources to you every week.  When making dietary changes it can feel overwhelming where to start and the best resources for ideas.  This is just a few of the websites that I like as well as some cookbooks to help with those changes.


Against all grain-

Elana’s pantry-

Nourishing meals-

Rebecca Katz-


The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook by Dr. Daniel Amen: “An essential resource for Brain Warriors who want to fuel their bodies with foods that boost energy, focus, memory, and quality of life, this cookbook is the ultimate tool for winning the fight in the war for your health.

Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook by Dr. Mark Hyman: “Following Dr. Hyman’s scientifically based program for rebalancing insulin and blood sugar levels, this cookbook presents 175 delectable recipes that are free of allergens and harmful inflammatory ingredients”

It’s All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook by Gwyneth Paltrow: “The #1 New York Times bestselling cookbook that will help anyone make delectable, healthy meals in no time! Gwyneth Paltrow is back to share more than 125 of her favorite recipes that can be made in the time it would take to order takeout

The Longevity Kitchen by Rebecca Katz: “A collection of 125 delicious whole-foods recipes showcasing 16 antioxidant-rich power foods, developed by wellness authority Rebecca Katz to combat and prevent chronic diseases.”


Simply Easy Tip: 

Try one new recipe a week.  Get the whole family in on the choosing process and make it together.


Simply Supportive: Innate Vegan Pea Protein

Making a morning protein shake is an easy way to create a protein-based breakfast (see recipe). Innate Vegan Pea Protein is an excellent source of plant protein. It’s an easy-to-digest pea protein with a complete essential amino acid profile. To order Innate Vegan Pea Protein, you can contact our friendly front desk team at (860)519-1916 or or you can click on the link above.

Innate Vegan Pea Protein


Simply Delicious: Double Green Smoothie


1 1/2 cup unsweetened non-dairy beverage, such as almond, coconut or hemp
2 dried apricots or 4 pitted dates
1 banana
1 cup chopped kale leaves
1 cup baby spinach leaves
1/2 cup fresh or frozen berries
Optional: add 1 scoop of protein powder


Combine non-dairy beverage, apricots, banana, kale, spinach and berries in a blender and blend until smooth.


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