Do You Feel Like a Train Wreck?

do you feel like a train wreck?


The most common complaints we hear is, “I ache in my ________” or “My energy is so low” or “I just don’t feel like I used to”. Too often, this is associated with aging. But aging does not necessarily have to mean degeneration or breaking down. In an ideal world, aging would be a positive process, hopefully associated with spending more leisure time doing the things you love. But how do we get there? Are there natural strategies to help us reach a place of optimal health? Click on the article link below, published in Natural Nutmeg, written by Ayelet Connell-Giammatteo, PhD, PT, IMT,C, to learn about ways you can improve the way you feel, reduce aches and pains, and overall achieve a more active pain-free life.

Article: Do You Feel Like a Train Wreck?