Happy Healthy YOU in 2017! –Part Five

simply well with holly niles


simply well with Holly Niles


In our new year’s issue, I offered a checklist of 5 healthy daily practices for a healthier you in 2017.  Today we continue our series of why these practices are so important.  The fifth daily healthy practice is:  Pause for at least 5 minutes of quiet and stillness.

Try to do these 5 things everyday:
1. Add 1 more cup of veggies
2. Add 2 more glasses of filtered water
3. Say no to least 1 processed food (bread, bagels, pizza, crackers, dessert)
4. Get outside for at least 15 mins (walk in your office parking lot or around the block)
5. Pause for at least 5 minutes of quiet and stillness (breathing, meditation, etc.)

WHY? Our nervous system is not designed to manage the stress that most of us experience every day. It affects our digestion, sleep, immune system and even our metabolism with stress chemicals creating challenges with blood sugar and inflammation. The research is overwhelming showing that meditation or mindfulness practices are very supportive to reduce the effects of stress.  Having said that, most people find it hard to carve out sufficient time per day to meditate.  But, finding 5 minutes is very manageable. Sitting and focusing on your breath or using one of the many apps like headspace, buddhify, calm and smiling mind are easy tools to use. You may be able to carve out your 5 minutes during lunchtime at work or even in your parked car. These practices calm the nervous system and reset the body to focus on repair and maintenance to keep the body in balance.


Simply Easy Tip: 

Many of us spend a lot of time driving in our cars.  One easy trick to create a pause is to use time stopped at red lights as a time to breath.  Inhale for the count of 5 and exhale for the count of 5, repeat until the light changes.  It’s an easy way to bring mindfulness to your day.


Simply Supportive: LAVELA Lavender Oil

A person’s ability to respond to occasional anxiety has the potential to interfere with the enjoyment of life and even the ability to perform ordinary daily activities. In addition to lifestyle and behavioral modifications, supplementation can also play a role in supporting a balanced mood. Lavela WS 1265 is an exclusive lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil, known as Silexan. Indicated for occasional anxiety, Lavela WS 1265 has been shown to promote relaxation and calm nervousness, as demonstrated in controlled trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals. To order Lavela Lavender Oil, click on the link above or contact our front desk team at (860)519-1916 or email Info@IntegrativeWellnessAndPT.com.


Simply Delicious: Relaxing Tea


1 tsp passion flower
1 tsp linden flower (tilia)
1 tsp chamomile
1 tsp lemon balm
1 tsp vervain
1 tsp catnip
1 tsp lavender flower


Mix together and use 1 teaspoon per mug of hot water or 2 to 3 tablespoons per tea pot.
(www.mountainroseherbs.com is a good resource to buy herbs for tea!)

Adapted from: http://bastyr.edu/recipes/relaxing-tea



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