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State of Health in Our Country & Inflammation


Inflammatory Foods– Let’s Begin with Gluten

Click here for ‘Gluten Elimination Diet Resource Tool’: Eliminating Gluten


Inflammatory Foods– Refined Sugar


Inflammatory Foods– High Glycemic Diet


Inflammatory Foods– Preservatives & Processed Food


More About Processed Foods


What About Dairy?


Inflammatory Foods– Peanuts


Inflammatory Foods– GMO (Genetically Modified Food)


Are All Grains Inflammatory?


Legumes and Phytic Acid


What Foods Need to Be Organic?


General Diet for Health


Reduce Toxic Exposure


The Benefits of Green Tea


Alkaline Foods


Some Tidbits for Health…


Soy, Goitrogenic Foods, and Probiotics!

Click here for the following resource tool: Goitrogenic and Non-Goitrogenic Food list


Some Gluten-Free Resources


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