Newly improved, step-by-step (#2 in series)


simply well with holly niles


In our New Year’s issue, I challenged you to choose one healthy thing you love and find ways to do it more.  What are some of the healthiest choices and why should we make changes to our lifestyle?  This week let’s talk about choosing real food and avoiding junk, a.k.a. processed flour and sugar with added chemicals and fake ingredients. This is the root of why so many people get out of balance.

WHY? Food is molecules of information and messages for our body. Our bodies are designed to receive and translate that information. Eating whole foods is a message that the body understands and uses to “run the operations” efficiently and optimally.  Processed food with additives, color, preservatives and poor-quality ingredients brings a message that does not help the body and can lead to chronic diseases. Fake or processed foods are very hard on the body.  Make a choice to start to eliminate packaged/processed food.


Simply Easy Tip: 

Challenge yourself to go 1 day without any packaged food.  Even organic food can be processed and packaged so eat foods without labels.  A weekend is a good day to try it and you may want to adopt a “no packaged food” week. It’s an easy step to improve your health.


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Simply Delicious: Low-Carb Soup with Ground Beef, Green Beans & Tomatoes for Instant-Pot or stove-top (Click on the picture link below for recipe)




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