Holistic Physical Therapy


Holistic Physical Therapy is a whole body approach. Practitioners at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy integrate a variety of gentle hands-on approaches to help a person reach better health and feel better. At the forefront of these approaches is a comprehensive and gentle hands-on technique called Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT). The practitioners at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy are certified in Integrative Manual Therapy from the Connecticut School of IMT. Most of the practitioners at our clinic have been teaching faculty for the Connecticut School of IMT for many years. In addition to manual therapy, we offer state-of-the-art modalities such as therapeutic laser (Class IV Low Level Light Laser Therapy) to support pain reduction and tissue healing. Sole Supports® orthotics are used to reduce back pain, knee pain and foot pain. A functional exercise program to increase strength and endurance is designed for the client. At Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy, all of these tools are integrated into our hands-on sessions with our clients.