Nutritional Wellness


Holly Niles, Functional Medicine Clinical Nutritionist

Holly Niles, MS, CNS, LDN, CFSP

Functional Medicine Clinical Nutritionist

Nutrition Director at Integrative Wellness

As a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, I practice nutritional wellness with a whole body approach. Using the principles of Functional Medicine, as well as other nutritional paradigms I focus on promoting health and healthy living as a foundation for living. I offer individualized nutritional consultations that include dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications as well as nutritional supplement programs.

A typical visit includes a complete analysis of diet and lifestyle along with a take home step-by-step program of practical ways to transform your health. I believe in the simple yet profound impact of a whole food diet and whole food supplements along with lifestyle tools.

My goal is to empower my client with ample education about the body and how to get healthy!


Nutritional Services include:

* Individualized nutritional recommendations and meal planning

* Educational handouts, recipes and resources

* Nutritional supplement review and recommendations

* Personalized lifestyle coaching to create long lasting changes

* Review of medical history and coordination with medical professionals as needed

* Functional medicine and genomics testing as needed


Each session is unique and is customized to the client’s needs.


Functional Medicine:
The importance of nutrition and the impact of our food choices have been well documented. We are bombarded with a myriad of reports detailing what we should and should not eat. This information, although some of it is very accurate, is just one piece of the puzzle. The philosophy of Functional Medicine includes an emphasis on food choices. However, when diet alone is addressed, it compartmentalizes our wholeness, limiting its effects. Our bodies’ imbalances can be linked to not only our diet but many other factors including our lifestyle, belief systems and our emotions. When we expand our view to include our whole being we discover both wisdom and important information to guide us to wholeness. This Holistic view can unlock the door to wellness.