Planting seeds in 2017!

simply well with holly niles


simply well with holly niles


We all feel the momentum of the Holiday season with parties, concerts, presents and celebrations. It can feel like a race to the finish to get everything done leading up to New Year’s Day.  This pace includes lots of goodies, travel and busyness so it’s easy to get run down during this season. This is the time to plant the seeds of our health as we start the New Year of 2017.  As we have discussed in previous issues, there are some important ways to take care of ourselves including: limiting sugar and other treats as much as possible, avoiding overeating and aiming for regular sleep. At the same, there are great supplement choices to help fill in the gaps especially during the busy holiday season. Combining these tips with some well-chosen supplements like pro-biotics and enzymes can help you ring in the New Year on a healthy note.


Simply Easy Tip:

It’s important to keep well hydrated to support immune health so try sparkling water as an alternate drink option at events. Start your event with a full glass of sparkling water, it can even leave you feeling a bit full helping you to avoid overeating. Since it’s best to limit or avoid alcohol, try creating delicious non-alcoholic cocktails that may become new holiday favorites. (See recipes below for flavorful sparkling water.)


Simply Supportive: Vital-Zymes Digestive Enzymes Ultra Flora Balance Probiotics

Vital-Zymes are a full-spectrum enzyme blend for maximal support of intestinal function that also includes extra support for breaking down gluten. If you are gluten sensitive, this is especially helpful when eating away from home. There is also a chewable children’s version. Take 2 capsules about 15 min before main meals.

Ultra Flora Balance & Ultra Flora Children’s Chewable are probiotics that provide a dairy-free base for a blend of “friendly” bacteria that have been shown to support a healthy gut and immune system. Take 2 capsules per day with or without food.


Simply Delicious: Sparkling Water Recipes!

BLACKBERRY ROSEMARY: This fruit-herb water infusion is fruity and woodsy and the water turns such a gorgeous purple hue! It would also be great with blueberries. Add 1/4 cup fresh or frozen blackberries and 1 stalk of rosemary to ½ liter (one small bottle, about 16 ounces) of sparkling water. Seal and refrigerate for at least 24 hours.

CRANBERRY GRAPEFRUIT: This delicious fruit-herb blend is like a sweet-tart candy. Plus, both grapefruit and cranberries have body cleansing powers, so this is a fantastic detox drink. Slice 1 grapefruit into 8 wedges. Add 2 grapefruit wedges and 2 tablespoons of fresh or frozen cranberries to ½ liter (one small bottle, about 16 ounces) of sparkling water. Seal and refrigerate for at least 24 hours

CINNAMON VANILLA: This cookie-smelling infusion is lush, sweet, and slightly spice-y.  It tastes like cinnamon flavored cream soda. Slice a vanilla bean down the middle to loosen and expose the beans inside. Cut it in half again the other way. Add the vanilla bean and one cinnamon stick to ½ liter (one small bottle, about 16 ounces) of sparkling water. Seal and refrigerate for at least 24 hours.



‘Simply Well’ Newsletter #57: Planting Seeds in 2017!