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Near Magic Ultimate Healing Oil

This is one product that your first aid kit can’t do without! Just a small drop will hasten the healing time of any cut or burn, while at the same time beautifying the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. 

Uses of Ultimate Healing Oil: Perfect for healing all levels and types of: cuts, burns, scalds, and punctures, including: scrapes, shaving nicks, insect bites, chemotherapy burns, paper cuts, rug burns, chaffing, and diaper rashes. Improves acne, skin tone, complexion, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging. The “ultimate healing oil” helps prevent scarring and infection from cuts and puncture wounds. Keep affected area moistened with Ultimate Healing Oil.

Who should use this oil? This oil belongs in every: home, office, school, travel, sports and camping first aid kit. With proven results on every type of wound it is a must for: mothers, veterinarians, soccer and other sport enthusiasts, body pierces, gardeners, animal lovers, etc.

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Skin health and First Aid for burns/cuts