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Metagenics Ultra Flora Baby Priobiotic

Metagenics Ultra Flora Baby Probiotic

UltraFlora Baby features a unique blend of probiotics to help maintain a healthy microbial balance and support the body’s natural defenses. The safety of these unique probiotic strains is supported by extensive laboratory research and clinical evaluation.*


  • • Support for healthy digestive function*
  • • Support for immune health *
  • • Built in dropper that enables precision dosing
  • • The drops have a neutral taste


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Metagenics Ultra Flora Baby Probiotic

Probiotics are microorganisms that help balance the number of good and bacteria in your digestive tract. When most people think about probiotics, the assumption is that it is a digestive aid for adults. It’s become a popular health supplement and is often marketed in popular yogurt products. However, what consumers may not have known about probiotics is that babies and children can also benefit from them. Baby probiotics have many digestive and immune boosting benefits. Our Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby is a unique probiotic formula specifically designed for babies and young children.

Why Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby Can Boost Immune Health

The health of a child is often the biggest source of worry for parents. Using a baby probiotic supplement like our Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby can be the key to helping get over colds or preventing them in the first place. Research has shown that the probiotics Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium animalis is effective in reducing the duration of infections. Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby contains these two specific probiotics in the formulation. As added proof of its immune boosting benefits, an NCBI study showed that in an experiment with 198 subjects, the duration of an upper respiratory infection was decreased by two days in those that were taking a probiotic supplement.

Why a Child Probiotic May Be Helpful Even After Illness

While antibiotics are important in killing harmful bacteria that cause infections, they also end up killing helpful bacteria. That’s why patients often experience side effects like gas, cramping, indigestion and diarrhea after a full antibiotic treatment. Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby can be a helpful baby probiotic for children that have just finished a cycle of antibiotics. This toddler probiotic can help restore the balance of bacteria that was damaged due to the antibiotics. US News also reported that it can help to take probiotics while under an antibiotic treatment. Even children starting an antibiotic treatment may benefit by taking a child probiotic. It’s important to note that the kids probiotic should be taken at the same time antibiotics are taken and not during middle of the treatment.

Taking a Kids Probiotic May Help With Dental Health

It’s almost inevitable that kids will develop cavities at some point in the future. This can lead to expensive appointments at the doctor’s. But Science Direct posted a research paper that showed that probiotics kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay. In addition, probiotics had influence on plaque which is responsible for gingivitis. That states a strong case for supplementing with a kids probiotic. Supplement cycling a child probiotic every now and then just may be the cure for preventing painful cavities.

Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby May Be a Great Aid for Skin Conditions Like Eczema

Probiotics are often mentioned as a great aid for children dealing with eczema. A study done was conducted where children 1 to 18 years of age with moderate eczema were tested with probiotics. The group that took the toddler probiotics saw a decrease in symptoms and a reduction in the affected areas. What’s even more surprising is that the children that took these baby probiotics continued to reap the benefits of the probiotics even a month without supplementation. It seems that when baby probiotics are taken in conjunction with a healthy diet, skin conditions like eczema can be controlled.

Worried About Colic? Use Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby

Colic is when babies cry excessively for no reason at all. There is research that indicates that it may be due to intestinal gas or blockage in the intestines. According to an article in WebMD, infants that were given probiotics in the first 3 months of life had fewer rates of colic, acid reflux and constipation. In a placebo study, babies that were given baby probiotics had shorter crying spells and less issues with upset stomachs. Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby is specifically great as a toddler probiotic and contains ingredients that are safe and all natural.

Why You Should Supplement Your Child with Our Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby Formula

– Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby has a high potency which makes it more effective than other probiotic products. There is an expiration date on every bottle to ensure that it is fresh.

– Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby contains Bifidobacterium animalis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus which are the two important strains for boosting the immune system.

– Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby is specifically designed as a baby probiotic and is also great for young children. It does not contain ingredients that are harmful to children.

– Metagenic Ultra Flora Baby is non GMO and vegan. The drops can be easily added to food or milk due to the fact that it has no taste.

There is an immense amount of research that is showing how beneficial it is to supplement with probiotics. It’s not just adults that should be taking probiotics. Children that are as young as toddlers also benefit from probiotics in many different ways.

Your Price $29.95

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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