Start your day off right with a Power Protein Smoothie!

morning protein smoothie


Start your day off right! We’ve all heard the research about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for many of us, we just don’t have the time (or the inclination!) to create a robust breakfast. For some of us, we have kids in tow, and for others, early morning appointments. The trade-off, unfortunately for so many of us, is that we start off our day with not enough ‘fuel’ to last us. Our day starts feeling sluggish pretty quickly!

The idea of a morning protein shake is pretty revolutionary (though the idea has been around for quite some time!). You can prep the night before by adding all the dry ingredients into your blender so its ready for the morning. In the morning, you can add some fresh or frozen fruit and some coconut milk and healthy oil to your blender, and your on your way. You can even have your portable drink container on the counter ready to go.

The value of a healthy breakfast is a given… But the convenience and simplicity is what we all search for. There are many different protein powders that you can find in your local health food store, but sometimes, it is difficult to sort through all the different kinds. Also, there is definitely a proven difference between what is sold over-the-counter, and more professional-grade neutraceutical quality products sold to nutritional specialists.

At Integrative Wellness, we have created a30-Day Smoothie Kit that includes organic pea protein powder from a professional source, super green powder (your morning dose of veggies!), coconut oil (your healthy fat), and hemp seed hearts (great fiber and healthy fat source). Knowing how inconvenient it is for us to have to re-order something on a monthly basis, we have created a SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 10% program

So check it out and get your day started off right!

30-Day Smoothie Kit